Meet the Team

Pastor Mark and Jann Olson

Pastor Mark and Jann Olson

How it all started:

In 1995 the command of Isaiah 61 birthed a passion in Pastor Mark & Jann Olson's heart. By 1996 the dream became a reality when the doors of The Harbor opened. The church started by meeting in a school with a few precious people and resources, that passion is what has brought them through today. Now pastoring a vibrant church in Spicer with multiple staff and a refined vision for being a "Discipleship Training Center" the command of Isaiah 61 burns hotter than ever in the Olson's heart. Seeing the power of Jesus Christ change lives and do the miraculous in hearts, they are seeing the fulfillment of that command.

The Foursquare Church

Teaming with Foursquare as a denomination The Harbor is a vibrant pentecostal church. Our goal is to provide you with an environment and relationship where you can draw closer to Jesus Christ. We believe the only true peace and freedom is found in a personal relationship with Him. Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven and there is no sin to great, dark, or deep for Him to pull you out of. His power is not limited or surpassed. Aligning ourselves with Foursquare we welcome the gifts of the Holy Spirit with humble hearts and do our very best to operate with structure and as the Word says. 

Jesus Christ is coming again and we look forward to that day when we will be with Him in Glory. Until then we strive to grow deeper in our relationship with Him through a lifestyle of worship and prayer. Missions and Evangelism is a outflow of all that He has poured into us. When something is so amazing as this you can't help but be excited about it!